About Us

Hello & welcome! My name is Candi. When Covid-19 closures turned the world as we knew it upside down, I personally turned to press-on nails as a quick alternative to a self confidence boosting & professional looking manicure. I had no idea how this would change the course of my career.

I started "Nail Candi" so that everyone could benefit from the time & money savings I discovered by switching to at home press-on manicures. In 1 year, I've been blessed to be able to open a Maryland boutique dedicated to press-on nails & affordable accessories as well as solely operate "Nail Candi" on multiple online platforms. When you see "we" it really is just me... from web design, marketing, answering your chat messages, to packaging & shipping.... Nail Candi is a 1 woman show.

From extra short solid colors to luxury handmade extendo length nails fully covered in crystals & gems (bling), I've got you covered at affordable and highly competitive pricing! 24 PC manicures start at only $5 and are hand packaged (by me) & shipped within 24 hours from my Maryland boutique to your door! I also include full application & removal instructions for 1 day up to 2 week wear time, liquid nail glue, adhesive tabs, file, buffer, cuticle pusher & alcohol prep pads.  You won't get all of this (or the appreciation & personalized service) from a drugstore! 

All of this to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my dream of being able to empower the belief that true beauty comes from within, not from expensive treatments, enhancements, services or procedures! Those are just extra :)

xoxo - Candi